I was born in Lumajang, Indonesia, the proud Asian daughter of a family from Manado and Bali descent. My family always moved every 5years to all city in Java Island, Indonesia when I was 4 until 12. Thanks to my parents, I was very active growing up and played on the swim while taking guittar and singing lessons.
Between high school and college, I interested with camera n art. When I moved to Bandung I always follow video competition on tv and website in every year, and Allhamdulillah I have always been a champion in every competition. I attended PT Concert and met many Indonesian artist and world artist, my hobbies take me on something adventures that never I imagined. Although this was fun, I soon realized I belonged in front of the camera instead of at a desk, and off I went my adventures with video camera! 
My passion in front of the camera takes me want to like other things, which is still related with it.. In 2015 I am Officially Beauty Bound Asia National Finalist in Indonesia. I am really so proud of my self, Although I didn't become Asian Finalist and The first champion, but for me this is the greatest achievement in my life I hope it will continue to run in accordance with what I want. Because my new penchant, I started collecting a lot of local brand makeup, and make my a hobby more complete..
I feel extremely blessed to be able to follow my passion on a daily basis. I am lucky to be surrounded by so many wonderful friends and am grateful to share this site with all of you who support me!