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It doesn't feel it has entered October... it's time for green leaves to turn into golden brown, a little warm weather is the right moment for you to express love .. This sounds crazy ... but autumn is a very beautiful and romantic time for you to express love to your partner. Hot coffee and hot chocolate are the right combo, to spend time with your partner this fall. Let me give you views on autumn outfits, and also a coffee shop that was very hit lately in Surabaya Indonesia.

Located in the middle of Surabaya city. This coffee shop is the result of home renovations in the Mojopahit area. It's confusing from the outside but after entering, the eyes are very spoiled with a minimalist interior tropical. Very soothing. And also in every corner of the coffee shop is very instagramable. The prices offered on each menu are also not too expensive. And also you need to know that food here is very tasty. If you visit Surabaya, you must visit this coffee shop.

I really like the interior, clean and minimalist. I can feel at home in a place like this. Oyeaahh~ if you want to come to do a photoshoot, I advise you to come in the morning, because there are rules that you have to know. That here is not allowed to take pictures if there are many visitors. And luckily I came in the morning, around 9am it was still quiet. 

As I said that the place is very instagramable, here I will give some examples of photos and good photo spots in Threelogy

And now jump into the clothes that I wear. As in the title, for autumn look, I wear a simple outfit that is very suitable for fall season. The weather was warm, began to cool a little, and was cold. That is autumn... hehehe

Here I wear a long gray dress from Bershka, which has a unique cut in the front. I really like this dress, this dress can be used with various kinds of shoes. I match the dress with a white triangular knit top. I forgot what the name of this knit top, I think this top is enough to warm our body parts.  I also don't forget to pin the brown leather belt to make sure the knit top doesn't move freely when exposed to the wind hehehe 
For shoes, I wear angkle boots that made of genuine brown leather. I bought this boots when I was still studying in Bandung around 2013 ahaha wow that was a long time ago, because these boots are made of genuine leather so they are quite durable and not easily damaged. to add perfection of my autumn outfit, I added a brown mini bag.
So how about my autumn look ? Please comment down bellow let me know what do you think about this outfit :)

See you on my next post

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