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Taqobalallah humina waminkum fwends..
Still in the mood of the month of Shawwal, I want to apologize, for the mistakes I made either on purpose or not. Either from speech or writing. I apologize profusely.
So like usual everytime Aidil Fitr come, surely we prepare an outfit that kece to use right? LOL 😜 new clothes, new shoes, new hijab, even underware that is used also new 😂🤣 So I'm here to share a little about the outfit that I use during Aidil Fitr yesterday. I use a maroon caftan, combined with a hoodie that has embroidery on it.

Using caftan when Aidil Fitr is one outfit that is simple and very convenient to use. Because we will all day around visiting relatives on this fitri day, definitely need a comfortable clothes. Also with sandals or shoes, I use sandals with a cover on the front, this gives a formal and casual effect at the same time. With sandals like this, we also will not mess around with shoelaces every time will enter the house of relatives
The caftan that I use is exactly the same as my mom. My sister was wearing a different caftan because of her super-tall body, the caftan that I used was too short for her, so she used the bat caftan  (which I also like the model) but sorry I don't have my sister ootd photo
For the makeup that I use, I chose soft maroon color for eyeshadow.. and I just apply on the bottom of my eyelid. I deliberately not blending the top of my eyelids, because I'm afraid the look will be too much LOL.. as you know this is an event for the morning, so I don't want to look too much haha and the last I put nude pink lip color for the final touch 💋
So that's it all from my Raye Look, hopefully a bit inspired you. And also I want to share some photo of excitement while celebrating Aidil Fitr yesterday. HAPPY EID MUBARAK EVERYONE 💕

Mr & Mrs Pietersz SOON

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