by - Thursday, January 15, 2015

Good Afternoon friends.. this is my first blog entry in 2015.. 
Happy New Year friends hope this year more better than before XOXO.. 
Today I took vacation location at flower garden in Malang. 
Tourist place filled with flowers and some kinds pool .. 
Because here the rainy season , 
the atmosphere here is a little overcast and sometimes the sun only appears for a moment .. 
 please be advised , if there is my photo , that the brightness of the light is different ..
Happy New Year 2015
The flower look like bubble hehe.. n I called the flower is....
The Bubble bloom
The bubble bloom wiff me
although the rain was pouring this place , still enthusiastic to take some more photos
 and this is it Red Ridinghood in the red garden hahahaha XDXD
very suitable for you who want to get together and have a picnic with the family at holiday time..
 Because this place is not too noisy n cold .. it 's like going back to nature hahahahaha ... 

Location : Selecta Leisure Park, Batu - Malang Indonesia
Makeup by : Stephanie.Closet

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