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A few months ago I decided to redecorate my room. It's been a while since I want a room that has tropical nuances. I chose the white base for my room, with a touch of green from plants, gray, and gold. There is a pink little corner on the corner of the shelf, because I basically like pink, so I provide a place for some of my favorite pink stuff.
I had been confused because there were still elements of brown wood in my room including windows, cabinets and also the decoration of the bottom of the wall. I had time to think about painting the white part too. But it is very appreciated because is Jati Wood (the best wood on the island of Java)  So I leave it just golden brown (the base color of the wood)
Finally I ordered a storage cabinet for makeup which can also be used for a desk for me to work. Because my room was small, I finally decided to make a multipurpose table that hung on the wall. and I ordered some other wooden furniture. like white wood hanging above where I put a few boxes and small baskets, and also other storage places that stand in the corner of the room.
And this is how it looks when the table is opened, the table suddenly turns into a vanity mirror. I think this kind of thing is very suitable to be installed in a small room like mine. Here are some details of the photo at a different corner of the table, the left is a beauty corner, and the right side is the corner where I work
Beauty Corner
Work Corner
For the mattress, I gave a white touch and a few small pillows with a touch of tropical images in front of that. Here I also decorate my bay window with several photo frames and also plants. Oyeaahh~ for all the plants that you see in my room, are plastic plants (artificial). Because I'm the type of person who can't grow crops. So it's better to use artificial plant n flower hehehe..
And I also bought full body mirror with slim pieces, lengthwise. I put the mirror near my wardrobe. and yes it is the corner of my favourit room, look in the mirror and take some ootd photos LOL. And here you can also see the colors of wooden cabinets, doors, and some other wood corners. At first I was a little uncomfortable with the color. stay more here, look beautiful and blend with the theme of my room TROPICAL 💕
So that's how my room was after renovation. if you want to see in more detail how I renovate my room, you can watch the vlog by pressing the play button below. And don't forget to turn on the subtitles. Thank you^^

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