Girlatick Beauty Lip Paint FLIRTATIOUS

by - Monday, October 05, 2015

Hi Friend.. 
Today I will review about my new Lip Paint
many lip paint circulating out there but only a few are actually a favorite of consumers , yeahh and one of them is this...

Girlatick Beauty
Yeaaaahhh My new babies is Girlatick Beauty Lip Paint
soooo.. HAPPY

Okkay let's take a review about this product, 
The first time we see is the packaging of this product
It's normally packaging of Lip Paint, here is written clearly that it has a lip paint have matte results.
Making it easy for buyers to understand what kind of product, matte or glossy it's clear.
In Left Side
They have a little window, to see what kind of color for this product, it's cute packaging hahahahaha so buyers don't have to open this product before buying, there tester in store tho.. LOL:D

And The other side, there is name of variant color for this product it's FLIRTATIOUS, I love this color, almost red but pink too.. soo check this out the inside of the packaging.
the liquid
Yess it's same with another liptint "Using Stick Applicator" so that consumers easily apply the product to the lips and foam at the top to hold the liquid does not fall anywhere :)
Okkay lets try on my Lips

Okkay the result are


  • The liquid is not too thick, so it is easy to be applied
  • Perfectly MATTE
  • In a second u'll have lip paint that will never be lost in 24hours


  • I can't remove the lip tint if I make a mistake LOL!!


    I'm really satisfied , and I really like this product


    So all of you who want to buy these products, I really recomended this product for all of u guys, for the price in rupiahs about Rp. 380.000/items
    u can buy at online shop, many online shop selling this product in Instagram just writin #JualGirlatick u'll find a seller who selling this lip tint, carefully, don't be tempted by low prices , because there is no guarantee that the product they are selling is fake or not, be careful, and Beauty Regards from me

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